Therapeutic Massage

Relief for Chronic Muscular Tension, Stress Reduction, Natural Pain Relief, Eliminate Fatigue, Injury Rehab and Prevention


Specializing in
Migraine Relief, Shoulder Pain

Cherokee Health Massage is invested in helping you live better, feel better and move better. Using Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular therapy, Myofascial Release and Massage Cupping we work to release muscular tension, facial restrictions, improve range of motion and reduce pain. This is not your typical spa massage. We concentrate on the deeper layers of the body and address the source of your issues. Your comfort is very important to us. Deeper work does not equal painful work. We work with you and always listen to you and your body.

About Stress

Stress is an important part of life. It stimulates learning and personal growth, and is a part of any major accomplishment. The healthiest and most effective people are not those who avoid stress, but those who see stress as our bodies way of preparing us to meet and accomplish these challenges. Part of preparing yourself to handle stress successfully is preparation. Setting you mind and body up to be supportive during these stressful time can prove a great asset. Nutrition, exercise, water, rest and even friends are all part of a good support system.

Therapeutic massage is a great tool for helping you manage your stress. A deep massage can relax you by giving your body a welcome rest so you can feel stronger physically, emotionally and mentally. With regular massage you can developed healthier responses to life's challenges.